Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Bonny Doon update

Looks like Randall's been ill. Oh, and BD held an event to sell their wines. Read the SF Chronicle article.

And some unrelated Randall Grahm quotes for you:

"I think that Platonic perfection is something that one might contemplate while visiting the Parthenon or Mt. Fuji but I think that notions of perfection tend to take us away from wine rather than bring us closer to it."

"As far as reliance on new oak, it is a pernicious thing. Those who think of new oak as a primary flavor in wine are the same people who think of ketchup as a vegetable."

"There is the misconception that if you pay a lot of money you are perforce going to get a wine that pleases you. I think that it is crucial that people somehow find a way to study themselves and learn to really know what pleases them, rather than trying to adapt their taste to the authority of a second party."

"For every success, there must perforce be the occasional failure."

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