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The SF Chronicle on wine clubs

Me, I belong to three of these: Bonny Doon, K&L, and Ridge [the ATP club]. Of all of them, I'm by far the happiest with Bonny Doon, largely because I really enjoy getting weird stuff you can't possibly get anywhere else (viz. erbaluce, pigato, etc.). Ridge's wines are absolutely lovely but I dunno, they're kind of expensive as well, and on some level I wish they weren't so monotonous [it's always the same handful of varieties, same techniques, same high quality...]. K&L is a real grab bag, but I definitely like the idea that it's (1) good value and (2) a way to force myself to drink things I wouldn't ordinarily buy (viz. Italian reds). Have I actually drunk anything they've shipped me over the last six months? No, but judging by the bottles, they're worth every penny. [Also fun is the super secret bonus third bottle they give you when you sign up for a club...]

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