Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Oh, and one more thing.

Once again, I am incredibly pleased that all Spanish (or Catalan) speaking countries aren´t Mexico. Every time Dan suggests we go somewhere that speaks Spanish, I´m always hesitant because I´ve spent so much time in Mexico, most of which was tiring due to bad food, bad coffee, hucksters, beggars, and so on. I always imagine I´m going to wind up in a place with weird sweetened coffee that´s probably not even half coffee, stale rolls, bad water, and filthy hotel rooms. Instead, lo and behold, it´s Europe, or a reasonable facsimile thereof (cf Chile, or Xile as they spell it here).

So yay for Spain. Nice to be someplace civilized. OK, shoot me if you´re into the seamy authenticity of places like Tabasco or San Cristobal de las Casas, but I´ve really had enough time in my life dealing with the up close and personal authenticity of the oppressed peoples of the Third World. I´d really rather have a nice cafe con leche in a medeival plaza instead of coconut water direct from the coconut surrounded by filthy urchins selling Chiclets. (Admitting this will probably result in an automatic revocation of my Berserkeley citizenship, but what the heck.)

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