Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Hey, it's winter again!

After three plus days of temperatures in the 50s and (at least partially) sunny, clear blue skies, the temperature fell back into the basement. Last night, it even snowed - this was probably my very first white Christmas. This morning, the grass is covered with frost, and there was a beautiful fog covering the valley below Salmonberg.

Me, I'm about to hit the road. Need to pack an overnight bag... we're heading down to Portland for the dance tonight, staying in the glamorous suburb of Lake Oswego. Dan's compiling a list of nurseries, and I'm studiously trying to avoid either wine shops or Powell's - at least not until after I do my taxes for FY2003. Those places are, like, dangerous.

Then it's back up to Salmonberg tommorow in time to get cooking - Vinnie and pals are coming over for some somewhat homemade Züricher Geschnetzeltes and spätzle. Hope it's enough... if not, nothing says I care like frozen pizza or escargots en brioche. :)

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