Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Is it morning yet?

Been up since 4, surprise, surprise. It's almost always like this when I go to London in wintertime. For whatever reason, you slog through the day almost falling asleep on the Tube, get home, can't sleep until midnight, and then boom! you're up awake four hours later with nothing to do. Of course, when anything finally opens at 9.30 or 10, you're back into your zombielike state and can't even see straight in front of you.

I'd rather be snorkeling in a tropical bay, triggerfish swimming in front of me, palms swaying on the beach behind me. Instead, I'm freezing my ass off waiting to leave the flat so that I can go do something. What, I'm not sure, because I'm not at all in the mood to do anything other than sit at home and read, but I suspect I'll end up at Kew with Dan so that I can show him the mature monkey puzzle trees I saw in August.

Could be worse. I could be in Moldova again, where they probably haven't even turned on the central heating this year.

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