Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
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Annotated quiz answers

1. According to cpratt, Melvins 'lost it' in the 1990s by releasing which album?

The five albums listed were released in chronological order. Bullhead is perhaps the most coherent album, and is definitely a keeper. [Beck's Mellow Gold has an awful lot of samples from both this LP and the Eggnog EP, by the way]. Lysol was great but short. Houdini feels like a last minute grab bag of odds and ends, but it has such amazing songs on it I really don't care about the random feel; any album with a song like Hag Me automatically has all its faults dismissed. Stoner Witch pissed me off when I bought it; it was the first of the Melvins albums with really horrible irritating crap on it like Magic Pig Detective, although it's not as bad as Prick. Stag, their last album for Atlantic, isn't fantastic either but on the whole I like it okay, although not enough to listen to it very often.

A: Stoner Witch

2. In my library, you can find limited edition books from all of these authors save one. Which one is missing?

NB: This question sucks. It was originally "I have signed copies of books by these authors save for one" but I decided that sounded too materialistic. On second thought, though, the revamped version isn't any better. [If you're curious, I don't have any of Schmidt's signatures in my house.]

The trick here is that only four of these authors have released limited edition books that I'm aware of. Max Goldt: Okay Mutter, ich mache die Aschenbechergymnastik in der Mittagsmaschine. Alasdair Gray: Lanark box set. Harry Mathews: The Winter Journeys. Arno Schmidt: I have a few limited edition AS books, e.g. Brüssel / Die Feuerstellung [although what I don't have is a copy of the Bargfelder Ausgabe, which would cost nearly $2,500 - you can see why I don't].

A: Adam Mars-Jones.

3. What's my biggest scar?

The [miniscule] scar on my forehead happened with a girl scratched me in the face in 7th grade. She was wearing a nice dickie. I said so, she thought I called her a dick, there you go. I do have a scar on the back of my left hand, but I actually don't know how it got there or when. I think it happened in my 20s. I don't have a scar on my right knee.

A: I have an inch-long scar on my right index finger. This happened when I was building a R2D2 model rocket in the basement when I was a kid. I slipped using a straight edge razor blade and started bleeding profusely. I eventually stopped the bleeding using most of a roll of paper towels, but came close to passing out. I sheepishly told my Dad, who drove me downtown to his office where he stiched up the wound. To this day you can see where the stitches were, although it's faded over the years.

My only other injury of note was dislocating my left ring finger playing soccer.

4. Which of these companies has never paid my salary?

I've worked for four companies after graduating from Cal: CompUSA, Claris, Netscape, and Microsoft. Claris, later FileMaker, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, so I can say they paid my salary. Similiarly, Netscape was bought by AOL, so I can say they paid my salary as well. However, when they bought Netscape, it was a very complicated deal - it also involved a deal with Sun, which created something called iPlanet. iPlanet was funded by Sun, not AOL. When I took the job as the QA manager for Communicator, that was part of iPlanet [hey, it was an enterprise software project, right?] - technically speaking, Sun was paying my salary. This was fine by me although it did lead to some real hassles, such as the time I couldn't transfer to the JavaScript development group because no one could figure out how to transfer my headcount to AOL.

A: Oracle

5. Which award did I win in high school?

I didn't win any Bank of America awards, not even the German one [although there was a 'Coach' Wilson at my high school, there was no 'Coach' Armstrong and no awards named after him]. According to school faculty, I was ineligible for the German award because I'd been an exchange student - even if I'd already passed the German AP exams in tenth grade before going to Germany. Instead, the art teacher's daughter got it. Yeah, it pissed me off. Although I had the highest SAT scores of anyone in my high school, I didn't get a National Merit Scholarship. Of the 12 semifinalists, I was the only one who didn't. This also pissed me off.

A: There were only two awards that were decided by student votes, not faculty decisions. One of these was the Louis Armstrong award for jazz band, which I did in fact win. I played baritone saxophone, electric piano, and bass with the band for three years and was well liked for basically everything except my playing, which wasn't particularly good.

6. How many languages do I speak fluently?

A: English, German, Dutch. I do speak some French and Spanish, but not fluently. I can also read a few other languages, but God forbid I try to understand the spoken versions [particularly Swedish!].

7. Judging by the number of empty cans in my office, what's my favorite drink at work?

A: Sparkling water. I'm a Sprudelfreak. I occasionally cut it with apple juice, but it's almost always water here in my office.

8. Which of the following ISPs have I never used?

I used Prodigy from 1990-1992 just because it had a flat rate plan. I then switched to AOL until eWorld started up; after that, I went with ISPs and my E-mail account. I had an AOL account for some time after AOL bought Netscape [it was my main business E-mail account, ugh]. I then opened a MSN account in late 2001 to get dial-up access at home [as DSL was too pricey at the time].

A: Earthlink

9. What's the last Mac I bought?

My first Mac was a battered Centris 610 rescued from the discard pile at CompUSA. One of the nicer things management did for me at store 297 was allow me to buy it for something like 20% of cost. This machine lasted many, many years; I eventually passed it along to my brother after upgrading to a PowerBook Duo 2300c in 1995. That machine was replaced by an IBM Aptiva system in late 1997. I did however purchase a beige G3 shortly before leaving Apple in 1998 as my loan to own system, although I didn't actually use it [Dan did; it's now Matthew's]. Finally, although Dan did buy a Wall Street PowerBook, I never did.

A: The last Mac I bought was a Bondi blue iMac for my brother Tim. It came from the discard pile at the CompuCenter or whatever it's called near Claris in Santa Clara. It runs to this day, albeit slowly.

10. What was Mark Bingham's favorite adjective?

A: Heinous. It's hard to think of Mark without hearing him say "Heinous!"

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