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One of my not so secret vices is buying lots of crap while on vacation. However, I do have basic rules for crap bought whilst on vacation: it generally has to be something I'd have bought otherwise, e.g. food, cleaning supplies, or tea. I figure this allows me to enjoy memories of my trip abroad for years after the fact - and it's fun to have a dinner at home made using foreign ready-mixes, etc.

1. A signed copy of a limited edition Max Goldt book [no. 275 of 550]
2. Ralf König's new book
3. 4 bottles of Pril dishwashing liquid
4. Nivea for Men shampoo and shower gel
5. Matches from the Hotel the Golden Bear
6. 2 beer glasses from the Heineken Experience
7. Hema shampoo and conditioner for grey hair
8. Hema toothpaste, minty fresh
9. Glass tea mugs with bears on them from Hema [this year's artist in residence did them - they're cute!]
10. Coffee mugs from the brand spanking new Industriekultur project in the Ruhr
11. Two A4 envelopes
12. Ihringer Spätburgunder wine, two bottles [thanks Paul!]
13. 1992 Diel Dorsheimer Goldloch riesling spätlese
14. Piper Heidsieck champagne with bonus insulated baggie, 2 bottles [Schiphol special]
15. Codorníu sparkling pinot noir
16. Hanuta, 12-pack
17. Christmas cards from Hema
18. Short-sleeve plaid shirt from Hema, extra daggy
19. 250g Davidoff coffee
20. 6 cans Bärenmarke condensed milk
21. Ostfriesen-Sonntagstee from Der Teeladen
22. 2 500g packages of Aldi coffee
23. 1 500g package of Jacobs coffee
24. 1 500g package of a very pretty German 'gourmet' coffee
25. 2 kg Birchermuesli
26. 2 hunks of Gouda from Aldi
27. 12 sponges
28. 2 designer sponge holders
29. 12 packs of mentholated tissue
30. 1 can of Bac deodorant
31. 1 can of off-brand deodorant [mmm, makes me smell like a European]
32. 1 bottle of laos
33. 1 bottle of ketjap
34. 8 packets of nasi goreng seasoning
35. 1 packet of stroopwafels
36. 12 Ritter Sport chocolate bars, assorted [e.g. Amaretto truffle, cornflakes]
37. 8 packets of assorted Knorr instant meal mixes [e.g. Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, sauerbraten]
38. 1 DVD of Good Bye, Lenin!
39. 1 poster for the DVD of Good Bye, Lenin, stolen from the bear night with the help of chrisglass
40. 1 CD of the new Karl Bartos album [which probably sucks - at least the packaging is way cool]
41. Various Daft Punk CDs - I blame Michel Gondry for this, as well as Sydney Mardi Gras 2002
42. A truly awful Daft Punk DVD single, "Something About Us"
43. The new Laibach album [when I asked where it was, the shop help told me I was inappropriately dressed for purchasing this particular album; after all, I should have been wearing black! HAW HAW]
44. A jar of Löwensenf [spicy Düsseldorf mustard]
45. A jar of sambal oelek
46. Leftover Aachener Kräuterprinten [ask sinnabor about these!]
47. A translucent green cylindrical bottle opener from the Heineken Experience, even cooler than the now missing Sapporo Beer Museum opener it replaces
48. 3 kg of Ostfriesentee, approximately, from various suppliers [I love this stuff - and at €6 a pound, it's a lot cheaper than trying to find it in the USA]
49. Salt and pepper shakers from the German railway system, one broken
50. 1 mystery tube that probably contains a poster of some kind

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