Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Just two more sleeps

I just got back downstairs from the shop, where my one big box o' cruft lives. I had to root through it in order to find my Stad-Streek Stamkaart - this is a photo ID used with a Dutch public transport pass. With one of these, a week's transport within the city center of Amsterdam is €9,30 - without it, a one day pass is €5,50 - not exactly great value. Just two more sleeps and I'll be at the GVB office at Centraal Station to pick up my Sterabonnement... cool. [Brian, Chris, Brodie, and Fergus: If you want one of these puppies, you need one passport photo. You can get the kaart for free at the GVB office in front of the main train station. You can't get the cheap weekly pass without the kaart.]

The only problem with big box o' cruft is that it's chock full of other things, almost all of which of course get my memories welling up all too quickly. I was only in there for as long as it took to find my picture ID card - but in that time, I found this:

- a card from cbertsch, sent in 1990, in which he tells me about his girlfriend (now wife) knicolini
- the Drum metal box in which I kept my cigarette tobacco in high school
- letters from Bret, an old friend; one of them reads something like "Bad air! Do not open in public! Embarassing!" - they're still hilarious and wonderful nearly twenty years later
- a picture of Dan and myself from the 1994 Claris holiday party [hopefully he'll scan and post it - it's really cool!]
- a Mercedes hood ornament stolen in the spring of 1985, most definitely by myself and Kevin Wood, likely in Cologne
- buttons, metal, designed for tabbed suspenders, never actually applied to jeans
- a small wooden carving of a bear my parents sent to me for my birthday in 1998 from Moldova
- my cache of letters from Adam, mostly written in aerogrammes
- a GDR flag with the insignia removed from one side [I believe I wore it on the back of my jeans jacket briefly]
- An ugly tote bag from the Millennium Dome
- A coin with a swastika on it I found in Germany in 1986
- A small paper Canadian flag from Canada Day, Ottawa, 2001
- The receipt from my Tilley hat
- A name tag from a Model United Nations conference that reads "Bear" - this was twelfth grade, and I got to be Bahrain, apparently
- Lots and lots of tickets from public transportation, including one from the first day the new subway in Essen went live
- A letter from a handsome Seattle bear I met ten years ago, thanking me for my visit :)

... and so on. It's always hard for me to look in that box; I always feel like I've failed at everything when I go over the detritus I've left behind. It's hard to explain - it's just that I often feel I haven't done enough, haven't tried hard enough, haven't been a good enough friend to anyone at all. When I see how wonderfully kind my friends have been to me, I often feel grossly inadequate. That is, I suppose, what happens when you're lucky enough to know the people I've met in my life so far.

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