Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

[BCD++] Mmm, tasty.

Found this site at work this afternoon - handy if you want to shop for wine or other alcohols in Cologne. Me, I really like this small wine shop just across the street from the Maritim - most of the German riesling in my cellar came from there. Best of all is that a friendly Anglophone South African works there, or at least did as of two years ago - she really makes it easy to figure out what's good in the shop. In any case I'm delighted to see that they have some of the best wines I've ever had - for example, the Schloßgut Diel Dorsheimer Goldloch Riesling Spätlese Trocken is there for just €15,34 a bottle. [With names like that, is it any wonder most foreigners stick with the Blue Nun?]

Update: If anyone is interested, they are doing a wine tasting on Friday afternoon. This might be a fun thing to do before going to get dinner. It's all Bordeaux from the early 1990s; 20 different wines to taste. Cost is €20.

I also found this site - it's a brewery a couple of blocks from the Maritim. I'd quite forgotten that goose dishes are all the rage in November in Germany. I'd also forgotten that for just €11,20 you can get a huge plate of sauerbraten with potato dumplings. Mmm, tasty.

God, I'm going to be so fat when I get home in December.

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