Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

[BCD++] Pack list

OK, this really should be a private post, but I had to write this stuff down somewhere so that I wouldn't forget it:

- Winter jacket, gloves, scarf, really dorky hat with earflaps

- Carry-on luggage is the Eagle Creek wheelie bag with removable backpack for day trips
- US $40 cash, Quantum credit card (no foreign transaction fees), Premera health insurance card, First IB ATM card
- Passport
- Eyeglasses
- Rough Guide to Amsterdam [overdue library book]
- Any other reading material
- Bärennacht tickets and brochure

- Checked bag is my huge Eagle Creek convert-a-pack [I can wear it as a backpack]
- Six pairs of underwear [dark]
- Six pairs of warm woollen socks
- Three T-shirts
- Three heavy cotton shirts
- One pair cotton lined jeans [for warmth]
- One pair old school Levi's 501s [to show off my pouting, supple ass]
- One hoodie sweatshirt
- One belt
- Leather suspenders
- Hiking boots or New Balance walking shoes; haven't decided yet
- Woollen cap
- "Culture bag" [German for "toilet kit"]: toothbrush, toothpaste, Swiss Army knife, assorted evil tooth cleaning tools, condoms intimacy kit, soap, brush, etc.
- Extra bag [what we call the "loot bag" here in Salmonberg]
- Eight bottles of wine pre-packaged in lots of two to mail to friends in Germany for Christmas
- Software like crazy for relatives

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