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Random old E-mail #2

From ???@??? Tue Oct 28 17:48:02 1997
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Hi Christopher,

Great seeing you the other day. You seem very perky and happy! I'm
glad that you guys took the plunge and bought a house. If you have any
good tips or things to avoid--please let me know.

What are you doing for Halloween? I've got an intinerary of house
parties to visit...and I may check out the castro early on.

Things are going real well at my new job. Scott McNealy is tough to
suppress. So different than the execs I worked with at HP. I
couldn't get them to speak, let alone stay on message. These Sun guys
can't wait to charge out of the gate and start bashing the

Not sure if you got the email I sent before so I've attached my new
contact info below.

Say hi to Dan, Bianca, your bro, parents, charles etc...


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