Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Rock on.

The keys to my parents' flat just showed up in today's mail. That was the last major piece of the holiday puzzle to fall into place. All systems are go.

I also scored tickets to the Surrealism exhibition at the Tate Modern, and Dan snagged dinner reservations at Livebait, a fine fish restaurant just down the street from the Tate. Perhaps mamoosh and mukamuk may remember passing by Livebait on their way to the kebab place near the flat we rented last year...

The only tiny sticking point is that I can't seem to book Harry Potter tickets for any of the preview shows in London this weekend. I'm not too terribly surprised - it seems likely that this is merely a flaw in the Warner theater chain's booking system, being able to see these dates at all, seeing as how the movie isn't supposed to open for about a fortnight.

What's left... hm... well, have to find a PC card modem that's faster than 33.6 Kbps, because my parents' laptop is a beast. Mailed off Hiro's cap this morning... still haven't found all the $10 bills my parents want... uh... I think that's it.

Oh, and for the record: the new Fantômas record rocks. This is fucking great. I liked the first one an awful lot but this time they've outdone themselves. Sure, it's all covers, but some of the best albums I know (Let It Be by Laibach, for example) fall into that category. I especially love what they've done to Cape Fear - the recording itself sounds damaged in a really fascinating way.

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