Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Caveat emptor: 'The Work of Director Chris Cunningham'

What a letdown.

Just so you know: if you go to buy a copy of The Work of Director Chris Cunningham - it's been bowdlerized. This includes an 'excerpt' from his 'video installation' called flex. Dan, Matthew, Dan, and I saw this at Apocalypse, an exhibit in London a few years back. I remember being very disturbed by some of this video [and it's a video, not a 'video installation'] - specifically, the parts where the female character is violently beaten up [hit in the face, gut punched, etc.] by the male character. I also remember being mesmerized by a shot in which the male character slowly pulls back his foreskin [in close-up] - it was a truly powerful mixture of the erotic and the violent, playing off the earlier misogynist violence of the piece.

On the DVD, it's all been edited out. What you get is a few minutes of the already short video, minus the violence [perhaps not surprisingly, the relatively small bit where the woman hits the man in the face was left in - a sop to the politically correct, perhaps?] and minus the threatening foreskin.

I am deeply disappointed. It was never a 'fun' piece - but hey, who said art always had to be fun?

It's like someone went and turned a Bosch into a Kinkade.

Update: In the accompanying booklet, Cunningham says that he was not satisfied with the piece. Aphex didn't deliver the promised music, he had to improvise, etc. The only part he did like is what's on the DVD, he says. Damn artists and intentionality.

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