Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

I'm not surprised.

As I'd predicted to Dan earlier in the week, some of the states' attorney generals have decided that it's in their best interest to press on with the case against Microsoft, and the settlement is now toast.

I'm looking forward to another couple months or years of inanity thanks to these ass clowns. Does anyone honestly believe that any citizens are going to now be living richer lives because we're spending state monies on bringing down a successful company? What exactly are these folks trying to achieve in terms of real benefits to actual consumers?

Now more than ever before, if you don't like Microsoft, you don't have to buy their products. In fact, all you need is about one dollar to spend on CD-R blanks - get someone to burn you Red Hat Linux and StarOffice, and you're on your way.

What's the problem here exactly?

[updated Nov 6, 1630h]

Looks like the states are splitting 50/50 on this one, so the settlement isn't "toast", it's something stranger. Massachusetts and California (home to Sun, Oracle, et al) are pressing on with the trial; the others are gracefully accepting the settlement. It's going to be an interesting ride from here on out. I almost feel like writing the CA state atty general a letter, even.

As an over three year veteran of Netscape (I was the QA manager for Communicator), it still galls me that folks feel this is somehow all justified because Microsoft "did something nasty to" Netscape. Get a clue. Netscape brought it on themselves. They panicked in the 4.x timeframe, and dropped the ball big time, never to recover. I'm so glad they've been able to "innovate" by shipping a browser (Netscape 6) that is lacking many major features from previous versions, and that it only took them four years to do so. Last I hear Mozilla is still discussing whether or not to even attempt a 1.0 browser at some point in the future.

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