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Christopher Pratt

Microsoft employees can be funny too.

This is from an internal MS newsgroup. Some of the thread has been removed to save space. Perhaps not surprisingly, the last entry in the thread was from an Australian.


From: ******
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 1:10 PM
To: Cool Stuff
Cc: Un-Cool stuff
Subject: Motorola MPx200, Microsoft Smartphone available on Amazon for $150

Cool News: The Microsoft Smartphone from Motorola is now available for purchase from!

Un-Cool News: The “special employee pricing” offered to Microsoft employees is $15 more than what the general public pays. Huh!!?!


From: ******
Subject: RE: Motorola MPx200, Microsoft Smartphone available on Amazon for $150

If you're going to post this info to "Cool Stuff" please clarify the following: The MPx200 in both places are dual band (1900 US and 1800 Intl), so they can be used overseas. Amazon's is not triband (that is an error) -- it's the same phone.


From: ******

one more email in a very long thread already:

The MPx200 phone itself is a tri-band phone (hardware-wise)
The ATT version of the MPx200 ships with an ATT-optimized radio stack that is only dual band (1800/1900). It's a software setting (and, no, can't be changed by the user)
In most countries outside of the USA 1800 coverage is excellent, so the device can roam. In some countries and/or some remote locations, only 900 MHz coverage is available, so a triband phone would work, but the ATT-branded MPx200 will not get any signal
MPx200 sold outside of the USA very likely will ship as a tri-band phone
Interestingly enough, the P/PC phone edition sold in the USA is a dual band phone, but a 900/1900 device. So, the MPx200 and P/PC are "complementary devices" when roaming outside of the USA :-)

Hope this helps...


From: ******

What band is Europe?


From: ******

They were an 80’s rock band. Their big hit was “The Final Countdown.”

The cd has recently been re-released and can be found at

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