Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Are you the real pants?

I'm having the strangest problem.

Ever since about 1980, I've worn Levi's 501s, the shrink-to-fit kind. I've only ever bought three sizes in my life: 38x34 [1980-1994 and 2002-present], 40x34, and 42x34.

I bought a new pair two weeks ago at Mervyn's. I washed them in hot water and dried them on High. Thing is, though, they're really baggy on me. I mean, ridiculously so compared to the previous pair of 38x34s I was wearing up until last month. Even stranger, they have extra belt loops. For those of you who have never bought fat boy pants - that'd be size 40 or larger in my book - when you hit 40, you get extra belt loops. Instead of 5, you get 7. And these new pants have 7.

I've checked all of the tags, and they all says 38x34.

Given that Levi's have now moved all production out of the USA - these were made in Colombia - I wonder if they've also fucked up 501s for good?

This is v. annoying.

Oh, and iTunes produced its first coaster already. I'm trying another one now...

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