Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

And... exhale.

Well, that was a bitch of a week. Just as with every software company I've ever worked for, Microsoft is in the habit of setting firm dates for a final build of any given piece of software to be completed. Sure, some companies [and I'm thinking Netscape here] are in the habit of just pushing it back forever, but man, they really don't fuck around here. Today was that day. My hands are kind of fried - all that typing, y'know - and I don't think I want to look at a mobile phone for a few weeks now. It might not be finished in the way that a final version of an app will be when it ships, but at least you can theoretically say that it largely behaves the way it's supposed to behave. And now I can chill out a little bit and work at a slightly reduced furious pace next week more in line with my general slackerish tendencies.

One thing I did want to mention is that my buddy Mark was kind enough to give Dan and myself his weekly organic farmers' basket as he's on vacation in Japan with his partner John. We work on the same floor of the same building here in Redmond, but on different teams: I work for MSN Mobile; Mark works for the Natural Language Group. They do cool things that are endlessly fascinating and right in line with what I did my degree work in; I do dumb crap with cell phones that will probably only be used by Korean teenagers. But hey. Mark's group pooled together to buy weekly grocery bags filled of organic vegetables and such, plus flowers; they're delivered every Monday. Some folks at Netscape did this as well; it's a good way to support organic farming and your local community - and of course you also get a bunch of stuff to eat every week. It always sounded like a wonderful idea... until I got the damned thing home.

Imagine, if you will, that you suddenly possess a large bunch of Italian flat leaved parsley, some cranberry beans, a jar of honey, a huge head of cabbage with the texture of honeycomb tripe, a large plastic bag of "mixed organic sautéeing greens", some Chinese mustard greens, a broccoli, two squash that look vaguely like Dalí-esque marital aids, and some green onions.

How the hell am I supposed to cook and eat all of that in one week? Even more worrisome is that I didn't even recognize some of this stuff, and I'm actually pretty adventurous when it comes to food. I made pasta with the mustard greens and spring onions [with tuna and olive oil], and it sucked. Last night, I made stir-fried tofu with the sautéeing greens and the cabbage, and it also sucked. Even more scary is the fact that I couldn't recognize a damned thing in the sautéeing greens bag - and it turned my sink pink. What the fuck?

At least I know what to do with the broccoli. Everything else frightens me. Especially the squash.

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