Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

What I learned in Victoria last weekend, pt. 2

In no particular order:

- Kahlua is US$17/l on board the Victoria Clipper.
- We have enough Kahlua to last through at least 2005 now.
- The US dollar has dramatically fallen in value in 2003. Canada was good value in 2002; now it's about the same as the USA, price-wise.
- I really don't like expensive restaurants. I do like good food, but not enough to spend $75 on dinner.
- I've begun to believe that there is no such as thing as a good deal on a luxury hotel room. Invariably, if you decide to spend the money on somewhere really nice, they'll stick you next to the elevator because - after all - you didn't pay full price. As with everything, you get what you pay for.
- Canadians really get shafted on wine prices. I couldn't believe the amount of money wine costs up there. *shudder*
- If there is such a thing as good Canadian wine, I still haven't found it. I did however add eight more "not good, but not bad either" Canuck wines to my tasting notes.
- The Butchart Gardens provided low level excitement for approximately 75 minutes. Is that really worth US$14?
- Jesus God, Americans are loud. Especially the ones from back East. There was this one woman from Schenectady or somewhere on the boat... yikes. I could hear her vowels across the harbor.
- In one of the strangest haircut incidents ever, I had my shirt unbuttoned by the barber so that he could shave my chest hair down a bit, presumably so it wouldn't show when I buttoned my shirt to put on a tie.
- The Tapa Bar in Victoria is quite possibly one of the worst restaurants in the Northern Hemisphere. I ordered seafood pasta, which arrived overcooked and missing one of the three ingredients listed on the menu. The management's solution? Offer me a US $1 refund on the price of the meal. LAME!
- I haven't been to Victoria in ten years, and I'd be surprised if I returned any sooner than ten years from now. It's a charming town, but expensive and difficult to get to.
- I seem to keep buying the same three things whenever I visit Canada: Pears soap, maple Shreddies, and loose tea. Yawn.

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