Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

My mom is, like, cool, and stuff.

Had a typical breakfast this morning - coffee with cream, crumpets with blueberries - and my Mom called in the middle of it to wish Dan a happy birthday. It's so funny - I wouldn't have thought the day would come when having your parents around is kinda like having friends around. What ever happened to the weird teen-aged years when all they ever were were crimps in your lifestyle? I'm already getting excited about their visit this Christmas, if only because Dad and I are gonna have some kinda wacky drinkathon [I've been stashing bottles for two years now in anticipation of their visit...]

Anyhow, I've just read that Eddie Izzard is [so rumor has it] to star as the Doctor in the upcoming series of Dr. Who. That's... kind of cool. I hope it actually comes to fruition.

Speaking of Mr. Izzard, I did want to give a shoutout to chrisglass for the tickets to his show last month in Seattle. I had meant to review it at the time, but never did get around to it. So - how was it? Decidedly mediocre; very disappointing. I definitely got the feeling that he wasn't particularly interested in doing the show; the first set was only about thirty minutes long, followed by a forty-five minute pause; then, he finished up in another forty minutes or so. Much of the time, he was just plain boring - he was doing that thing foreigners do where you try to show how culturally knowledgeable you are about wherever it is you are at the moment. Although it's nice, it's also boring to hear someone talk about how Americans have lots of guns and how Bush is an idiot. zombietruckstop would have been irritated as well: it's just something we all know and, unlike Mr. Izzard, we do not have the option of going home to get away from. The only funny thing I remember from the show was an one-off talking about how Medusa's hair would get up before she would, slyly inserting videotapes of mice into the VCR before she would wake up. That was very cool. However, the rest of it was very, very lame. A huge disappointment, especially at those ticket prices. [We also skipped the 16-page $15 color brochure on sale.] To top it all off, the second he was done with the second set, the house lights were brought up and all doors opened, lest there be any mistake that he'd stick around for any kind of an encore. Bleah.

In other news, life continues to be good. I'm planning like mad for the trip to Amsterdam and Cologne next month, checking out books from the library, researching things online, trying to be as prepared as possible. This also means saving up all my pennies; October is going to have lots of $2 pasta dinners at home. I was greatly amused by the "Frommer's Gay and Lesbian Guide to Europe" I picked up at the local library: it's got a whole chapter on Copenhagen [which having visited last April, I would never, ever have expected to be worthy of inclusion in such a guide] and not even a single sentence on Cologne, which is easily the one city in Germany with a truly world-class gay scene. Instead, there's an endless chapter on Berlin, in which little is said. Did Tom's Bar go out of business or is Frommer's just lame? Who knows?

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