Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Tuesday, November 25: Nationaalpark

[As Brian, Chris, Dan, and I are heading to Europe in November, I'm doing a few posts to remind myself of how to see what I want to see when I get there; bear with me if this doesn't seem like a normal post!]

De Hoge Veluwe is the Dutch national park. It's basically the only snippet of untouched wilderness in all of the Netherlands - well, it's probably not really "untouched", but it's definitely a lot more natural than anywhere else in the country!

Although I originally visited just to see the Kröller-Müller Museum, I wound up spending the entire day in the park. There are free bicycles available, so when you get tired of something, you just hope on a bike and ride a few km to another part of the park. I was there in August 2001, so it was cold and rainy [surprise!].

This is a picture I took that day; there is an extensive [and I do mean extensive] sculpture garden there; this is one of about fifty different works that took me two or so hours to see, all outside in the cold and damp.

This is a temporary exhibit that was there at the time - a very Bearish Japanese artist was responsible for this [and for the potato plants you can just barely see on the other side of the glass, outside]. I chatted him up but his English and Dutch were both fairly poor; alas. He did smile when I told him how much I liked his work though.

I'd like to visit there on Tuesday [we'll be leaving for Cologne on Wednesday]. Here's the schedule:

7:58 depart treinstation centraal amsterdam, track 2a, intercity direction 'eindhoven'
8:31 arrive utrecht, track 12a
8:36 depart utrecht, track 4b, local train direction 'arnhem'
9:04 arrive ede-wageningen station
9:17 depart ede-wageningenus station - connexxion bus 110 'apeldoorn'
9:53 arrive visitors' center, nationaalpark de hoge veluwe
10:00 arrive at the musem right when it opens after a few minutes' walk

Train ticket is €18.60; national park and museum entry is €10. I don't know how much the bus ticket costs.

The idea is to spend however long in the park; the last bus out is at something like 1700. We could then stop in Utrecht on the way home and have a walk around the city center, and perhaps some food.

Man, how I love the Internet. Never would've been able to figure this out easily without it.

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