Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Uncropped v.other

These are leftovers, unused bits, and other assorted images.

The lj icon you should see above is brushwork I did at a workshop at the Seattle Urasenke, photographed and manipulated by chrisglass.

This is what's on my office door at Microsoft. I had a very large version of this posted outside my cube at Netscape for many years.

I never used this because it sucks. From Meet the Feebles.

This was stolen from Bild, a German newspaper. I found this in - no kidding - an article on "erotic garden gnomes".

This one's from Bild as well. This is the cropped version - ladybear stole it from my journal. [She's a friend of beardoc's.] Here's the big version:

What can I say? I *heart* German softcore pr0n.

From The Designer's Republic. I could never figure out how to use this as a lj icon - it just doesn't work. Cool, though.

Stolen from some Web site at MIT circa 1994. I did use this for a while but it's kinda bland.

This is a real estate agent somewhere near Seattle. Stolen from her Web site and cropped. I don't know where the original picture is.

From Leisuretown. I love this image but can't figure out how to use it as a buddy or lj icon. Update: It looks like Leisuretown has gone dark. Dammit, it was still up as of last week... I shoulda archived the whole damned site. This was from QA Confidential, a strip I still consider to be the handbook ne plus ultra for software quality assurance engineers [this is what I do for a living].

No comment. Not very polite, though; as a result, useless as a lj icon.

When Netscape released Netscape 7, this was on their live Web site. Oh, the humanity.

These were eventually redrawn and incorporated into another Leisuretown strip, A Comedy Crisis.

San Francisco, presumably May 1994.

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