Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Wow, man.

Oooh, hold me back. Netscape 6.2 has been released. My first thought: What the fuck? When I left on August 2, they were just finishing up with Netscape 6.1, which was a royal fuck-up of a release. Guess they patched it up some and rushed it out the door. According to their Web page, it includes "Marcromedia Flash" [sic] - yup, sounds like Netscape quality control is exactly as it used to be. Of course, it doesn't help if you lay off even more QA folks in late August.

The reviewer's guide is also mega-retarded. I see that it now supports "Macintosh OS X". Have you ever not seen that referred to as Mac OS X? Please. MORONS. They also misspell "PowerPoint" on the first page of the reviewer's guide. FUCKWADS. Oh, and it still says "CONFIDENTIAL UNTIL AUGUST 8, 2001" at the bottom of the page. Funny - guess it's really just the 6.1 reviewer's guide tarted up a wee bit. LOSERS. Oh, wait, now I get it. This is the 6.1 reviewer's guide with on additional page tacked on the front of it. The only "new" features are "better integration with Windows XP" (whatever, it still doesn't support basic Windows functionality) and "full support" for OS X (again, they don't specify what they mean, but I guess it's now been Carbonized).

Yay Netscape.

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