Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

What's the worst writing I do?

That's easy. I have to send a lot of E-mails at work - just stupid, short, simple test E-mails. You know, to see whether or not they'll show up on a mobile phone, whether or not Hotmail generates SMS alerts correctly. That kind of thing.

If I ever get really, really hard up for content, I'll publish them. No, wait: that's for my executor to do. You know, publish the unpublished writings of cpratt. These largely look like this:

taco sauce is on sale

exasperatingly difficult

extensively blowhard

enchiladas are okay

yo yo yo


is this thing on?

food would be nice

... and so on. For some reason 'taco sauce is on sale' seems to be my perennial favorite. I'd find deeper meaning in that if there were any, but I'm afraid it's just a non sequitur. Either that or I'm subtly expressing my desire to return to Tucson and each at Karichimaka with friends. Who knows?

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