Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

A few random thoughts on my lunch hour.

The word 'butch' isn't.

If you're on the Atkins diet and I invite you over for dinner, please don't request that I serve you nothing but meat. It's expensive and it's difficult to prepare two separate meals. I have no problem with legitimate dietary restrictions, but just because you're on a fad diet doesn't mean you get to choose what you'll eat at my house.

The Motorola T720 is the worst mobile phone I've ever used. In my current job, I've probably used upwards of forty different cell phones... most of which are irritating in ways I'd never even imagined existed. LG phones are decent, although the UI has some strange Engrish in it. The least expensive Nokia phones still seem to me to be the best. Finally, I still don't see the value of spending upwards of $100 a month to get WAP access on a phone - OK, perhaps if you really really really have to read your E-mail, but not in any other case.

I'm finding that localizers get annoyed when you correct their translations. It's fun for me to do, though. I guess it's partly just showing off, but damn, I mean, why not? Better I catch this stuff than our customers. I sometimes forget that my job skills are pretty strange for someone in this position.

A venti mocha is a waste of good coffee. After the first sip I found myself wishing I'd'd ordered a latte instead. Ah well.

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