Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Ah well.

Looks like Clonakilla have become waaaaaay too popular. Remember how I went on at annoying length about a year and a half ago about how Clonakilla's shiraz viognier was, like, the most amazing wine ever? Well, in the meantime, the 2001 vintage went on to win the Penguin Australian Wine of the Year award, get rave reviews from the likes of Jancis Robinson and Robert Parker, and so on. I tasted the 2002 vintage in barrel [thanks again Tim!] while I was in Australia, and of course have been trying desperately to score a case of it - I put in pre-orders with two different vendors well before it was actually released. And... it's a no go. It looks like it's now so fantastically sought after that you have absolutely no chance of actually getting any of it. Neither shop could actually score me a case - allegedly, the US allocation for the wine is down to about eight cases for the 2002 vintage.

Needless to say, this sucks. However, I was able to get a case of the Clonakilla Hilltops shiraz for slightly less money than it would cost at retail in Sydney. It may not be as überfantastic as the shiraz viognier - but on the other hand, it is a fantastic bottle of wine in and of itself, and I'm happy I can afford it at all.

OK, back to work. At least the management sent out for burritos. Mmmmm, burritos...

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