Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Totally random stuff.

Got a package from mimaroglu yesterday. Yay! Lots of hideous music to listen to this weekend. Some reviews:

Wobbly - Wild Why: Um, OK. I've heard this kind of thing before, and I've heard it better. This is some kid who's taken an awful lot of hip-hop and made his own recording out of it. It's just too jumbled to be really listenable or fun - it's just kind of exasperating. The marketing would have you believe this is John Oswald-equivalent genius, but it's just lame.

Veneitan Snares - Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006: What the hell? I keep hearing about how this guy from Winnipeg is sheer utter genius, but... uh... well, no. I mean, it's got that typical mid-90s bizarro drum programming that's all over Squarepusher's Big Loada EP, but this time it's got even stranger stuff in the mix... opera singers? Ah, OK. That's nice. I guess I should probably get through the rest of the CD before coming to a conclusion, but based on the first three tracks, this is all about the hype, boyyyyyyy.

dat politics: "villiger" - Nice to find this one 'cuz it's kinda hard to come by. dat politics are very, very much an acquired taste, to be sure, but sometimes it goes beyond just irritating and towards the beautiful. Proof that there is good French music. Speaking of which... watched a couple of movies this week.

Irreversible: ow ow ow ow ow. I'm not sure this was entirely necessary, but it was worth a rental. Kind of nihilistic, this seems to be a movie about seemingly innocuous choices that bite you in the ass for no particularly logical reason. Actually, make that "pound you in the ass" - wait, I probably shouldn't give away the plot. Let's just say that this is a movie you should never, ever recommend to your parents or to any relatives younger than 21. Yikes.

Heavenly Creatures: I hadn't seen the uncut version of this before... I don't know of any other movies like this one. I mean, teenage girls + murder + weird life-size clay figures portrayed by actors? Thing is, though, it all holds together somehow. I especially like the wide range of subtle accents in the film, from hoary old English RP to that delightful Kiwi way of really stretching out the vowels in simple words like "no." Mmmmm, Kiwis.

OK, that's enough babble for now. Dan took of to the hills a little while ago with a friend - they're off backpacking for the weekend. Me, I need to get cleaned up and head in to the office for a bit. After that, shopping for clothes [yawn] and then... not sure what. We'll see!

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