Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Ah, Michael Robertson... what a class act. When he started, he managed to take the Netscape employee database along with him - all of a sudden, every Netscape employee started receiving daily spam from that took weeks to fix.

Of course, he's since moved on to found Lindows. Today, they've unveiled their latest stunt: a Web site called Ingeniously, they're taking full advantage of the quirk in the California antitrust lawsuit settlement with Microsoft that allows anyone to make a claim for up to $100 [for up to 5 purchased products] without any documentation whatsoever. So... let's see... maybe you really, really hate Microsoft... so much that you'd never buy any of their software... well, here's your opportunity to really stick it to the man! Just visit MSfreePC, make a claim against the settlement fund, submit no documentation, and give your $100 to Michael Robertson and Lindows.

I'd be very, very curious to know what percentage of the monies from the California settlement will be distributed to people who didn't actually buy the MS software they said they did.

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