Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

It's pleasant here.

I'm lounging on Brian's Mission-style couch. His cats are pestering me for treats, but I've already doled out their allotment [no more than 2 or 3 of these funky little cat treats that look almost exactly like stale Alpha Bits] for the day. Dan's at Brian's computer, but neither of us can figure out the password - the hint is 'telethon', but it didn't help. I briefly considered indulging in a round of "PC Load Letter? What the fuck?" but didn't want to wake Dan in case he was still asleep.

Anyhow, landed in Oakland yesterday and promptly waited another twenty minutes for the gate to open up. Ah, Oakland. Every airport around here has disadvantages. San Francisco has bad fogs and impossible signage [for example, the bus stop to Caltrain is signed as OTHER TRANSPORTATION]. San Jose airport is actually pretty fine, but as Dan's dentist appointment is in Concord, it'd be too far for him to get home easily. And Oakland airport, hm. Never could figure that one out. It always seems like everything takes forever there. Need a rental car? The desk clerk will be right with you as soon as she gives her review of Fruitvale nail shops to her colleague. Need your bags? Your bags will be delivered shortly after the baggage handlers get back from lunch, and it's already 2 PM. But I digress.

Stopped in at Dan's brother's apartment over near Lake Merritt to say hi. It was stiflingly hot in there, so we decamped to Rockridge and looked for food. Found a fish restaurant, and I remembered why I don't like eating out. Had a piece of fish for $18 with a $8 glass of wine, both of which were good but neither of which were worth that kind of money. Sigh. I like good food and wine but man, I don't like paying retail for it.

Anyhow, after that we had a walk around the neighborhood. On the way over, we drove by 245 John St, the house where I lived with Mark; it's still obviously a rental, and there were some twentysomething kidz hanging out on the front porch, just like we sometimes did years ago. Pretty funny. Over in Rockridge, things seem to be continuing their yuppification trend, although my old barbershop was still there. So was the Rockridge Cafe, where I had breakfast with Brian Gollum many many years ago, and the various fancy grocery stores. The only convenience store is gone now, and it's some Mediterannean/Pan-Asian watering hole I don't expect I'll ever see again. So, not much.

After we dropped Tom off at his apt, we headed over to The City. I was determined to have some Buendnertorte at Just Desserts, but the parking gods were not with us. It was impossible. And so it was off to the Lone Star. Ran into 2 ljers I'd never actually met before; arkanjil was off to DJ at the Eagle's 6 year anniversary, I think; later, I wound up hanging with iberianbear for most of the evening. God bless the pocketbears! Didn't see anyone I knew other than Victor and Jake - bear_with_me was MIA, alas - but still, it was a good time. I even decided to order HARD ALCOHOL - had a shot of B&B. This was funny because the bartender kept trying to cut the "foil" on the bottle to get it open - but it's really just an elaborate screwtop. That was good stuff but something tells me it probably tastes better out of a snifter and not a plastic Dixie cup. Hm. Bad choice.

Drove down to San Jose and Brian's comfy home and promptly passed out on his futon. Actually, this used to be my futon long, long ago - I bought this thing in Emeryville shortly after I met Mark, because we wanted to have a bed that we could sleep on together. It's a Simmons Beautyrest futon. True story!

Today it's off to the UCSC Arboretum, Bonny Doon, and maybe India Joze or the Mini Gourmet. I need my brekkie.

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