October 12th, 2008


Hot Live Indri Action

Well... maybe not so much. But here's a short video of an indri singing (or calling, or whatever it's called). This is the only footage I managed to take showing the animal clearly, but it was done using digital zoom on a small, shaky camera, so quality isn't fantastic. The audio is pretty good, though!

Ryoji Ikeda - spectra [paris]

More YouTube video this morning, this time from the Ryoji Ikeda piece spectra [paris] that was on last Saturday night in Paris.

The audio is not good - it was so loud that the poor Canon camera's microphone couldn't deal with it - but I did accidentally capture the beginning part of the heart of the sound (which repeated approximately every 30 minutes): the bass tone comes in a quick pulse and then begins to slow down. After this video ends, the bass would speed back up to where it started and then fade out, leaving the every-12-seconds blip for about 20 more minutes until it started cycling through again.

Anyhow, this is enough to give you the idea of it. Oh, and apologies for crappy video too - I just set the camera down on one of the skylight boxes and couldn't tell if it was pointed the right way or what. Still, it's better than nothing!

Drive through Tana

Another incredibly crap video courtesy of yours truly, this one is saved (sort of) by replacing the audio (largely of other people on the bus wondering about logistics and shopping) with a delightful Malagasy folk song recorded back in the '30s.

Mouvements des avions, Tolagnaro

This has got to be the most awesome departure board I've ever seen in my travels. This was at the airport in Tolagnaro/Ft. Dauphin.

Bonus: When you check in for your flight, you are invited to get a free sandwich and soft drink at the airport snack bar just by showing your boarding pass. Sure, the airport is small and run-down, but customer service like that? Well, you don't find it anywhere else, now, do you?

Indri song [extended remix]

If you LOVED the AWESOME sound of indri singing [I'm looking at you, Austin!], then you'll LOVE nearly THREE WHOLE MINUTES of indri singing!

Plus, there is footage of lots of critters for no good reason in this video clip: indri, Verreaux's sifaka, ring-tailed lemurs, chameleons, lizards, and even [briefly!] a marmot. Enjoy!