August 19th, 2008



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Dan's now got a Flickr pool up for wedding pictures.

This is Jeremiah. Dan and I have known Jeremiah since, oh, probably about as long as we've known each other. Jeremiah is awesome; he was part of the water scouting party (we ran out shortly before the actual wedding was about to go down, and he headed over to Albertsons with Michael and Mike to get some more, which was truly fantastic - nothing like friends pitching in to keep everything humming right along).

I believe it would be fair to describe his expression here as joyous - there was an awful lot of joy in the air that day.


My sister in law Chris (she and Dan's youngest brother Michael got married a few years ago in San Diego) is yet another one of the many people who contributed to our wedding. Chris bought a local florist - Sweet Posies up on Scripps-Poway Parkway near my office - several years ago and is, well, not only super fun to be around, but also extremely good with floral arrangements.

Much to her horror (I'm assuming - and I'm also being silly here because she didn't in fact seem horrified), Dan and I decided that there would be no flowers at the wedding. Why? Well, that's hard to say. I always wanted to wear a red carnation as a boutonniere - I enjoy the simplicity of the gesture as well as the symbolism of it - but that's all I wanted at my wedding. Just as we made sure that the grooms' cake was "boxy" (my original suggestion, I think), we made sure that the flowers at the event were similarly restrained.

Now, you have to understand that Chris's floral designs are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. She did the flowers at the wedding of two friends a few weeks back, and they were stunning: the wedding cake itself was studded with flowers, and it all looked beautiful like you wouldn't believe. However, it was, well, very floral, and although it looked great in that context, I just wouldn't have wanted that at my own wedding.

So how awesome is Chris? She gamely bit her lip and acceded to our requests for two boutonnieres only... oh, and two corsages for our mothers... oh, and three simple glass vases filled with red and white gladioli to match the wedding invitations.

They were absolutely beautiful, and Fred enjoyed the gladioli the day after the event (which reminds me, I still need to vacuum up the pollen explosion in the dining room).

Oh, and my apologies to Y. and T. for totally ganking their floral ideas. It looked great at your wedding - sorry to have been so unoriginal, but great artists steal, as Steve Jobs once said. :)

Here's a picture of me and Chris:

More pictures are here.

Chris, you rock. Thank you so much!