August 2nd, 2008



Greetings from the fabulous Holiday Inn Express in Palm Desert, California! Sure, it's 100+ degrees outside, but we just got back from a 3+ hour walk around the Living Desert Museum, which was super fun. [Note: What is it with families dragging their fat children around using modified wagons? Wouldn't it be healthier for your children to walk? I mean, if a fat middle-aged guy like myself can handle walking around in the heat, surely your 8-year old daughter can?] Lots of awesome plants and desert vistas, plus super cute desert cats and coatimundi.

Then, it was off to the visitor center for the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, where Dan pumped the staff for lots of information about backcountry hikes and things to do (he's excited to do some backpacking this winter).

And now we're back at the room enjoying half-off ahi poke from fresh&easy - just $4! - along with a few gallons of water. Eventually, we'll head on out again to find some date shakes and maybe a nice air conditioned movie theater. Oh, and I suppose I should go look at Palm Springs. I haven't been since the 1970s - I hear it's changed?

Dear Vegans

I love your food - I thoroughly enjoyed my nachos with unidentifiable meat-like potentially-soy protein thingies, carrots, corn, black beans, cilantro, and soy cheese, and the brown rice and vegetables was really good two (awesome satay, w00t) - but could you please STFU already about animals? For the records, no, chickens are not people too. They are chickens. And that tag line along the lines of "every factory farm is extraordinary rendition?" I get what you're saying, but isn't it just a little bit tacky to compare factory farming to CIA torture of terror suspects? I mean, I was eating my frickin' dinner, you know? Surely you could wax rhapsodic about energy efficiency or sustainability and not jump straight to torturing people?

Oh, and the beer was delicious too. Turns out it was from Bison Brewery in Berkeley, of which I have fond memories (largely due to bix02138). Mmmm good.