July 12th, 2008


Fifty bucks please

That's Dan taking a picture of me taking a picture of Dan.

Today, we went and got a marriage license. Staff were super friendly, efficient, and patient when I asked what to do about our existing RDP (answer: it's a special case, so it goes down as 1 previous marriage and/or RDP for each of us, but the NA box gets checked on the marriage license as well) after they'd printed up the proof of the license (whoops).

The office was filled with all kinds of couples: lots of Hispanic newlyweds with young children, a pregnant Hawaiian couple, two stunningly beautiful lesbians in their 40s... and OMG FOUR MORE BEARS. Richard and Patrick were going all the way - they had scheduled a civil wedding at noon - and yoginca and his partner T were there to witness the event. Super cool.

Oh, and we filled out all of the necessary paperwork to appoint our SUPER SECRET SURPRISE WEDDING OFFICIANT as a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages for the day of our wedding.

To sum up, we're more or less all set at this point. Woohoo! Only five more weeks until the big day...