July 10th, 2008


Attention San Diegans

I wonder if more complaints == faster service?

Across the street from Pecs - on the south side of University, just west of Alabama - the street in front of the bus stop is annoying the living crap out of me. It's now a couple of inches below the rest of the street, which means that driving on that street makes a huge bump and/or is damaging cars.

If you live in the neighborhood, please consider visiting the City of San Diego's Web site and lodging a complaint.

You're looking for ZIP code 92104 [actually [2000-2049] UNIVERSITY AV but the Web site doesn't appear to recognize any addresses, so you have to search by ZIP code]. Use the map, click Identify when you can find that stretch of University, and Bob's your uncle.

I [and my car] thank you for your help.

My gut reaction to iPhone 2.0

Having worked on Windows Mobile for 3.5 years, mobile AIM clients for half a year, and now BREW for 9 months, I have to say that Apple nailed it with the 2.0 release. App Store is everything BREW ever was, but more elegant, easier to use, and I suspect their dev kit is way less irritating than Qualcomm's. The Exchange push mail support feels way faster and easier than Microsoft's own mobile OS - and of course the phone doesn't do dumb Windows Mobile things like beep (even when set to silent) when the battery is low. Finally, even the AIM client on the thing is way more stable and smooth than any one I ever worked on. It's a great piece of work.

Immense thanks are due to bikerbaer, ranger1, and all of the other Apple engineers who made this thing happen.

And yes, I still wish it had a decent camera, but hey. I need a reason to buy the LTE version whenever that comes out, right?