May 28th, 2008


The best airline in North America

Volaris, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  • The bus from San Diego station left on time: precisely 3 hours before takeoff
  • The bus driver was friendly and helped with baggage while transiting Mexican customs
  • The bus driver was good to his friends and gave one a lift from TJ to the airport
  • At Tijuana airport, check in took less than two minutes
  • The departure lounge was scrupulously clean with a great view of TJ
  • On board, every flight attendant was friendly and helpful
  • Their Web site allowed me to reserve exit row seats at no extra charge
  • The all-leather seats were incredibly comfortable
  • We were served two rounds of snacks and drinks at no charge
  • Snacks included popcorn, chips, pork rinds, apple juice, soda, or beer - all for free
  • The plane took off right on time and landed five minutes early - in both directions
  • Luggage was delivered as quickly as it took to reach the baggage claim - no waiting!
  • Safety announcements were delivered by Mayrín Villanueva, the most beautiful actress I've seen in years
  • Aircraft cabins were immaculately clean
  • They even gave you a free Mentos upon exiting the airplane
In short, wow. I am so flying Volaris again. That was fantastic - I'd forgotten how wonderful airplane travel could be. Sadly, YouTube doesn't seem to have Ms. Villanueva's safety and information videos - oh, how I miss her gently chiding me for even thinking to unbuckle my cinturón before the signs were turned off, her gently reminding me that flying involves great responsibility, and her supportive, encouraging words about the ease of fastening my seatbelt. Such beauty! Such grace! Such familiarity with the requirements of SENEAM! Delta's cheesy animations, NWA's matronly flight attendants, and even Southwest's Texas-hokey jokesters have absolutely nothing on Volaris and Ms. Villanueva.