February 6th, 2008


Someone at the FTB has a sense of humor

I'm home sick today, which means I'm enjoying the mild winter weather and working on my taxes. Now that Dan and I are RDPs [registered domestic partners for you non-wonks out there], we are required to file as married when it's time to do our California taxes.

The FTB [the Franchise Tax Board, aka California's tax authority] published the final guide for RDPs last December, and I'm moderately amused to see that the fictional couple used in the guide are named Chris and Pat. Sound familiar?

Sadly it doesn't look like TurboTax supports the "California RDP Adjustments Worksheet —
Recalculated Federal Adjusted Gross Income" worksheet included in the FTB's guide... at least not yet. I'm gonna check in with Intuit support and see if they have any plans to do so.