December 13th, 2007


Tee hee

I'm amused that the changelist for Office 2007 SP1 (released last Tuesday, and only 619.7 MB!) isn't actually in Excel 2007 format:

Bonus: Here are ten descriptions of changes in Office 2007 SP1, taken verbatim from this spreadsheet - does anyone at Microsoft bother to check spelling or proofread these things before they're published?

1. When you open an XL12FF shared workbook, you apply sorts and try to change data. However, data is incorrectly overwirtten during synchronization. [Overwirtten?]
2. Data is misrepresented on the chart and the user may mininterpret the data. [Mininterpret?]
3. [At least one KB article number stored was stored as text, which generates a visible error.]
4. You use one of the following versions of OneNote 2007: • Czech [this entry is missing a carriage return]
5. At times, users are unable to cancel a meeting. Microsoft Outlook warns them that the item has been changed, but closing and reopening the item has no effect . [space before the period for some reason]
6. • The query that is called by the DLookup() fuction references a control on a form. [Fuction?]
7. This issue occurs when you update Excel data through the ISAM programatically. [Programatically?]
8. If you send an "update existing data" e-mail message that contains a Yes field and a Nofield, a system that uses non-English language settings cannot process replies to the message. [What's a nofield?]
9. Additionally, the "yes" string and the "no" string are not localized when you create an HTML Data Collection form that contains a boolean field. [Boolean should be capitalized as it's someone's name, duh.]
10. In Excel 2007, charts cannot load the chart.xml file when the pivot source contaions the XML element [Contaions? And why is there no period here?]

Friday photo caption contest

I just returned from the Building R Café at Qualcomm, also known as "the worst cafeteria in all of corporate America," with a $7.49 plate of inedible beef, reconstituted potato flakes, frozen pumpkin pie, defrosted green beans, and stale French bread. Yum.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share with you some of the fantastic mural art that graces the walls of the café. Surely one of you awesome folks can come up with a good caption for this?