November 30th, 2007


Breaking away from the bears for a bit

Jane Rule died this week. To be honest, I was never aware of her life or her work; I'd never read Desert of the Heart or seen the movie on which it was based, and I feel like I may well have missed out. Have a read through her obituary; it's a nice break from the ordinary and may give you space to think about things you ordinarily wouldn't.

Layer Tennis, alkie style!

Had a brainwave on my way home from work (via two wine stores)...

Would any of you be interested in buying a bottle of wine and then tasting it with me and jcoldrey via some sort of chat software, e.g. iChat? It'd be interesting, I think, to get a bunch of folks drinking the same wine at the same time - at dispersed geographical locations - and then record what everybody thinks about it.

Of course, we'd have to choose something widely available, which will likely mean either very expensive French wine (say, a Vieux-Télégraphe), or something more prosaice (say, a Mateus Rosé, although that would frankly be a shame).

Are any of you game?