November 19th, 2007


Mmmm, Kubrick.

Just watched THE SHINING with the marmot tonight. Hoo boy. About frickin' time they released it in 1:78 widescreen (yeah, I know Kubrick wanted it shown full frame or something, but whatever, I have a widescreen TV, so I'd like it in widescreen, thanks).

My favorite thing about the movie? Simple: It's so carefully constructed that there's plenty to think about every time I see it. Tonight, I noticed that there's a fair amount of egg abuse: when Nicholson enjoys breakfast in bed at the hotel, he repeatedly stabs his over-easy eggs with a piece of bacon, smearing the yolk around the plate - and then much later on, the previous caretaker/now a waiter spills a bunch of advocaat on him, making another big mess of eggs that needs to be cleaned up. Hm. Intentional? Or does it really matter? And if things like that are intentional, does it matter if they "mean" anything at all, or is it just good writing/filmmaking to make sure that your text/film has as many possibilities in its narrative as possible?