July 20th, 2007


Dear Lazyweb: MAC HELP PLZ

I've come to the realization that it really is time to ditch my PC. Not only am I overtired of endless crashes, pop-up error messages that don't help (COM Surrogate had to be closed, anyone), and general slow- and lameness, the hose beast Dell I have is generating way too much heat for a small apartment (seriously - after thirty minutes it's baking hot in my little computer cubbyhole).

So, it's time to get a Mac. Looking around online, I see two options that work for me:

1. The Apple Store is selling the 17" MacBook Pro with the glossy hi-def screen for $2,667 plus tax, which comes to around $2,874. (This is using MS employee discount pricing.)

2. Alternatively, Amazon.com has the same thing for $2,745 after rebate (no sales tax).

This is, um, kinda insanely expensive compared to the crappy world of $400 laptops that I'm used to. So, dear reader: Do you have any ideas on how to get one of these babies more cheaply? I'd be quite happy with a refurb, but it would appear these models are too new to be available thusly. Are the older 2.33 GHz models significantly less awesome in any way? They run about $2,369 as refurbs.

Or - am I just being retarded here? Refurb 13" MacBooks are $1,399 with tax - is there any reason I shouldn't be thinking about those instead, given that they're half the price of the 17" MacBook Pros?

Any tips, reasoning, or knowledge about better discounts on this stuff - it's all most welcome, and I thank you in advance!