June 19th, 2007



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I finished packing up the wine cellar this afternoon; this is the debris cleaned out from there. It's fun looking through all of this and thinking, ahhh, I remember buying that at the winery (Grosset, Charles Melton), I remember Dan giving me the six Cigares for Christmas, I remember going to that winery's release party with Morgan and Patti, I remember carrying that Styrofoam pack back from Canberra.

It'll all go to the dump this weekend...

Packed cellar

Packed cellar 2
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Here's the final set of things to move to San Diego next week:

- 2 wooden boxes from Baer winery filled with one magnum and a bunch of 375 mL bottles
- One Styrofoam shipper from Ridge filled with 375 mL bottles
- One copy of Le Nez du Vin
- One case of Mitchell 2002 riesling
- One case of Rosemount 2002 GSM
- One six pack of 2002 mesh that was shipped to jcoldrey in 2002
- Eight cases of riesling
- Fourteen cases that hold Bordeaux-style bottles
- Eighteen cases that hold Burgundy-style bottles
- Two Argentine bottles that are too huge to fit in any box I had

Now all I have to do is figure out where to store all of this stuff!

Krasnoyarsk tea?

Russian tea 2
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Another throw-it-out-already find from the cruft pile: a box of Russian tea bought in Brighton Beach, NY about a decade ago. I can't really read Russian, though, so I was never 100% sure what the box said: I never drank any (it smelled terrible), but I really liked the box!