March 22nd, 2007



Woke up early this morning (5 AM, not terrible, typical for jet lag flying to London), made a pot of tea, and have been reading all morning. A few minutes ago, it started snowing:

This is the view from the sofabed; that's my Dad sitting there looking out at the snow.

We're off to breakfast in a bit (glad I brought my wool cap!), and then it's into town for the afternoon and off to dinner with a friend from Cape Town. Wheee!


This morning, we went into town for breakfast. On the way, we decided to move the Asda shopping cart that had been uglifying my parents' building for the past week:

Had breakfast at Tim's Palace, a typically English breakfast place (ancient 1970s seating, people smoking and talking on mobile phones, fried everything, Iraqi owners, Polish wait staff):

And then we walked home again via Marks & Spencer to buy milk. I hadn't realized it but they've rebranded all of the food and my God is it beautiful. Here, a random snap of some dessert sauces...

I swear, if food like that were available at home, I'd weigh four hundred pounds. It's impressive to see that someone thought up a consistent design language for everything in the shop and stuck to it.