October 26th, 2006


A few open letters

zombietruckstop: The New Jersey Supreme Court decision that gives the state 180 days to guarantee equal rights to same-sex couples? It's a victory, and here's why: My partner Dan and I have been together for going on fourteen years now, and we have zero rights. As far as the law here in Washington state is concerned, we are two total strangers who happen to live in the same house. If you're looking for a definition of "no progress," I'd suggest you look at Washington and not New Jersey. [For more information on today's news from the Washington supreme court, click here. Hat tip: grrrscribbler.]

metacub: Please don't be sad that Internet Explorer 7 doesn't install on Windows 2000. It's been almost seven years since that puppy shipped - surely you don't expect a software company to provide free upgrades to everything forever? I didn't hear you complaining when you had to pay $129 to upgrade Safari from 1.0 to 1.1, and another $129 to upgrade it from 1.3 to 2.0. At least it's only $50 to upgrade to XP (after rebate). Plus, be glad you're on a Mac - you can just run 2000 in one virtual machine and XP in another, which makes it easy to test IE 6 and 7 at the same time.

moroccomole: I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last Saturday. Of course, by the time I thought up a question to ask you, the Q&A session was over. So, I have one question - What do you think about United 93's representation of Mark Bingham's homosexuality? - and one miscellaneous comment: One of the audience asked about the lack of silent films, so I wondered if you've ever seen Anders als die Anderen, which - if I remember correctly - is pretty much the oldest film with any kind of gay content.

finfinfin: What are you doing this weekend? I'm stuck in Portland for the day on Saturday and all I can think of to do is get a haircut. Any ideas?

poohbearjim: Dude, the only reason San Francisco won that poll is because the people that live there won't shut up about how wonderful it is. It always struck me as an obsessive-compulsive thing - they have to keep telling themselves how wonderful The City is because they don't want to admit that the cost of living, the crappy public transit, the chilly fog, and the insane commutes to cities with actual jobs drive them crazy. I'm just sayin'.

aairplane, whiskerfish and/or djmrswhite: The new Melvins album is without a doubt the best God damned thing they've done since Houdini. You'd be insane not to miss it.

unpetitours: Hey, nice meetin ya last weekend. BTW, WTF does "do a solid" mean? No one in my target demographic is using this colorful phrase. Thank you!

britbear: Shame you don't live in the 8th - I think? We're getting an insane amount of junk mail from both the Darcy Burner and Dave Reichert camps. It's very instructive: the Burner pieces are somewhat varied, well written, and generally tug at the heartstrings (think patriotism, justice, The American Way™), etc. However, all of the Reichert pieces are they same: they all feature the same quote (one sentence yanked from an article Darcy published last April) and repeat over and over again that a family earning $40,000 a year will HAVE TO PAY $1,920 (or so) in taxes MORE every year thanks to THE DEATH TAX and THE MARRIAGE PENALTY, etc. Me, I'm guessing they'll work: Who cares if Reichert voted to support President Bush's use of torture if you know your income is going to drop by $160 a month? This is especially relevant if your wife doesn't work because she's staying at home raising your four children. It's depressing (but I voted anyway).

poodler: I know you don't like the Bush administration, but expressing the desire to torture anyone is just not cool. I don't care if it's Cheney, bin Laden, or Kim Jong Il: shouldn't we just not go there? [The same comment, differently worded, goes out to a few of you out there in LJ-land who say cute things like "I wish I could dance on [my dead cunt sister's] grave" - come ON, people, that's just really tacky.]

chrisglass: I can't wait to say "Nice haircut! It really complements your non-Hodgkins lymphoma," but I'll probably get cold feet when it actually comes down to it. Only mamoosh can get away with lines like that, anyhow. Seriously: happy 10th! I'll see you at the 50 mark come hell or high water...

danbearnyc: Don't you think it's weird that they mandated boxers instead of briefs? I can't even imagine trying to get my butt into firefighter gear wearing boxers... quel desastre! or however y'all say it over there in Jew York City.

jdtokc: There's still no fee if you book your award travel online more than 14 days in advance. Cheer up!

That's all for now, ladies and germs.