October 20th, 2006


Oh, that's what that was

A few weeks back, Dan and I were driving from the Sossusvlei dunes to the Namibian coast - we had hotel reservations in Swakopmund, but were driving through Walvis Bay because, well, that's the way to Swakopmund. Anyhow, out by the airport, we wanted to stop and see some South African colonial monument that's near a really huge sand dune that I believe was on The Amazing Race a few seasons back. It was, however, closed to the public due to a film shoot.

Turns out it was Wesley Snipes. Weird!

Fred says: Ubu Noir, je t'aime!

This is strange. For the first time, our cat Fred has without question shown us that he likes the music I play at my desk. Coil's Ubu Noir [off of Scatology] really perked his ears up - he got visibly excited and then ran over to Dan's desk to express his approval.

I mean, what the hell? Is this normal for a cat?