June 26th, 2006


Why I hate vinyl (again)

Max Tundra has a new release - his first since 2002. It's a cover of The KLF's What Time Is Love? recorded back in 1989.

As half the world holds its breath in wait for the third Max Tundra album (and the other half forgets who he is [it's been four years since Mastered by Guy at The Exchange]) Tomlab releases these two relics from 1989 and 1998. Hear Max's Amiga 500 tear through The KLF's What Time Is Love, and wonder which bit of schoolwork he was neglecting while recording it. Fast forward to the year of Mr Tundra's debut Warp release and hear the hypnotherapeutic I Know What Goys Like, which gathered dust as his career spiralled into the multi-pronged eclecto-beast it is today. Hopefully he'll finish his album this year. In the mean time, these two tracks sound nothing like it.

Of course, it's available only on vinyl - and I just paid $23.55 to get one copy of that vinyl shipped to the USA. Fuckers.