May 11th, 2006


Wine steal of the year [so far]

Here's one you can't afford to miss: In Washington state, Trader Joe's is selling the 2002 Rosemount GSM for all of $9.99 a bottle. This is one of the finest examples of a fake Rhône blend [I'm talking to you here, Boo] in the world. It'll last for twenty years if you've got cellar space for it, and deals like this just don't come around that often.

I would've bought a case today but I left my credit card at home. Tomorrow, though, look out! I did have enough cash for one bottle, which I'm drinking now, and it's excellent - much better than virtually everything we tasted last weekend in Walla Walla.

[Oh, and Jason? They now sell frozen prik khing and it looks really, really good.]