April 25th, 2006


UNITED 93 update

1. As Dan's pointed out, the United 93 memorial in Shanksville, PA has run into a roadblock. Charles Taylor, R-North Carolina feels that spending $10 million to buy the Flight 93 land is too much. His rationale: "the government already owns too much land". Sure, he passed legislation that allocated $10 million to buy some land in - surprise! - North Carolina a couple of years ago, but that's different, right?

2. The Seattle Movie Bears poll is on for next week's movie. So far, AMERICAN DREAMZ and RV are leading the way!

This image has been shamelessly edited to provide a very subtle comment which I'm actually hoping no one will get. Anyhow. As you were.

Funny - I was just wondering out loud with Dan last night about RV. I had thought the Robin Williams market was pretty well dead in 2006, but I guess not! Yikes!