December 7th, 2005


Compare and contrast

World Aids Day, 2005

In Buenos Aires, the Obelisco was covered by a giant pink condom.

In Washington, D.C., President Bush announced an initiative to help identify and reach out to faith-based organizations that provide much of the health care in the developing world, and help them obtain access to U.S. assistance.

Something tells me that this means pretty much nothing at all. Faith-based Aids help? What, pray for forgiveness before you die? I can't see WorldVision et al doing much in the way of educating Third World peoples in proper condom use...

Welcome back to the USA

While waiting in line for Customs, the TV set was showing a list of schools closed due to the overnight snowfall in DC. The first school I noticed was the Bible Babies Child Development Center, in Capitol Heights, MD. [I've since discovered that it's in a converted shopping mall now known as Kingdom Square. They also have a Long John Silver fish restaurant there.]

After clearing customs, we boarded a mobile lounge for the C gates at Dulles. Just off of the lounge, the first thing I saw was a patriotically themed gift shop called AMERICA! [exclamation point in gold relief, natch]. Being somewhat giddy after twenty-four hours' travel, I couldn't help but break into a rousing rendition of America, Fuck Yeah!

Hey, it seemed appropriate at the time.