November 27th, 2005



Dan's taking a nap, so I snuck down to the hotel lobby with the laptop to enjoy the wireless Internet for a bit.

We landed sort-of on time after delays in both Washington and Seattle; United also managed to somehow only load one of our bags, which meant Dan got to wear the same shirt for about 72 hours total. Everything's here now, though, and we're having a good time.

BA is huge. You know, LA-style huge. It's hot and sweaty and I've already had to go buy diaper rash ointment at a drugstore. The hotel is next to the oldest ice cream shop in BA, so we've had fantatic marrons glacées and dulce de leche ice cream; we've also had some very good wine [albeit in the generic international style, save for some really good stuff that I can't remember what it was called. Must update later after I find my notes]. Did the fancy steak restaurant thing, and were the only customers in a downtown wine bar for two hours Saturday night. Saw Evita's grave, a huge new empty modern art museum [shades of SFMOMA...], fantastic old subway stations, the antiques market, etc. Should be heading out to the bears night tonight, possibly, and then on to Uruguay tomorrow.

Things are fanastically cheap here - but not wine, for some reason. A bottle that cost us $14 at K&L in San Francisco was going for about $65 US here - go figure! Other prices aren't as shocking, but still: if it's "the good stuff," it's cheaper in the USA. Ah well. I'm sure the situation will be better in Mendoza...

Finally, I should say that the food so far hasn't been anywhere near as good as Chile. Sorry, but I guess I'm just not as appreciative of the "beef, beef, and more beef" thing as I should be. :)