November 8th, 2005


Woot: Probably not your best choice for wine

Today's Woot features wine. [Thanks to henare for pointing this out.]

My comments:

Looks like this wine is made by Viansa, who are currently imploding:

Guess they really need the money.

At $12+/bottle, I'd avoid this one like the plague. It can't be THAT good. Still, cool idea. I'd like to see at least one shop in North America doing cleanskins - that's a popular wine thing in Austrlia. [Cleanskins are unbranded bottles of wine at low prices, of unclear origin. It can be a really fun way to get hammered for very little cash.]

You want to go spend $12 on wine, forget it. Go get some Wishing Tree shiraz for $8. You'll have a hell of a lot more fun.

Album art I'm especially fond of

Just for the hell of it, here are 9 album covers I've always especially liked. [Apologies for the poor image quality, but it's the best I could come up with without having to scan them myself.]

1. Steroid Maximus, ¡Quilombo! [The Pizz]
This is probably the best example [for me] of cover art exactly matching the way the album sounds. This isn't a fantastic album, but two songs on it are absolutely drop-dead awesome - and both of them have a strange 1950s tiki lounge tribal National Geographic quasi-porn native breast whatever sound to them. Highly recommended.
2. OMD, Dazzle Ships [M Garrett, K Kennedy, P Pennington, P Saville & B Wickens for Peter Saville Associates]
A high school favorite, my vinyl copy of this had die cut circle in it, which made for extra coolness. Still a great album, even in 2005.
3. Melvins, Houdini [Frank Kozik]
The only tattoo I ever wanted was a Kozik two headed bear cub, which I never did get [cuz I don't really like tattoos]. For me, this is the perfect match of naïve and threatening.
4. Sandoz, Every Man Got Dreaming [The Designers Republic.]
Yeah, I loves me some TDR. This isn't the Japanese schoolgirl eye candy mode, but their more sedate style; it's lovely. Best appreciated full size.
5. disc, brave2ep [unknown]
This is represented by a blank space here because it's printed using ink that you can't really read without holding the paper up to a light bulb - you can kind of feel that there's ink on the paper, but it's incredibly hard to read as it's nearly the same color as the paper. Truly the most irritating album art I've ever seen, and a totally unlistenable CD. Bonus: I have two different copies of these, each with entirely different names for the "songs" on the disc itself. Wild.
6. Rev. Jim Jones, Thee Last Supper [unknown]
One of a whole bunch of records released on Psychic TV's record label in the mid-1980s. I had nearly twenty different LPs that all had matching graphic design. This is one of the better examples; sadly, I sold my copy of this LP in the early 90s.
7. Max Tundra, Cakes [unknown]
I'm partial to this because it made me buy this CD, which turned out to be one of my all time favorite CDs. How could you not love a song titled The Gradual Disappearance From Food Packaging of the Lettres Ornées Typeface?
8. Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel, Hole [J. G. Thirlwell]
Thirlwell, aka Foetus, designs all of his own album covers. Back in the '80s, there was a definite Maoist/socialist realist thing going on [cf. Custom Built for Capitalism among others]. Here began my lifelong love of Chinese propaganda art. Sadly, my parents report that the House of Mao restaurant in Singapore is now closed for good, so there is no longer a place to truly appreciate this style. sniff!
9. The Grid, Four Five Six [unknown]
Don't know who did this cover, but I really like the feel of the art used across all of the releases from this album. Not my favorite band or album, but it all feels of a piece, you know?

Happy Election Day

Yeah, I voted. Mainly, I'm just hoping that Washington goes smoke free Real Soon Now because God damn it, I fucking hate going out to bars where I can't even enjoy my bourbon due to everything smelling like an ashtray.

Random image from Puget Sound politics:

Somers is a Democrat; Snohomish county is just north of Seattle [that's where the Boeing factory is]. The GAY Endorsed sticker on his sign is courtesy of Jeff Sax, the incumbent Republican candidate, who's probably best known for getting busted for building a house without a permit - or is it leaking confidental county documents to developers? I can't remember which one it is.

Anyhow, hope you voted, and may all of your candidates win tonight.