November 3rd, 2005


Next time, take the bus

I agreed to drive sinnabor to the airport this morning so that he could catch a flight for a booty call in Alaska.

Bad idea.

I left Salmonberg at 7:45 AM this morning. Due to an accident on 202, it took me just over an hour to get to Brian's house. Getting to the airport wasn't so bad, but there was another accident [including a bus] in the carpool lane, which delayed us a bit. Still, we made it with plenty of time to spare.

However, getting back from the airport is always a hassle with no one in the passenger seat - if you get stuck in the regular traffic lanes it takes two to three times as long to get back to Redmond as it does with a passenger.

Of course, there were even more accidents on the way to work:

Ironically, this is exactly where Brian mentioned he'd seen a bunch of accidents over the past couple days: people come off the 148th exit off of 520 a little too quickly and spin out before they can finish the turn. The rainy season in Seattle began last week, and for whatever reason folks don't understand that you can't drive as quickly as you do when the pavement is dry.

Next time, I'm making Brian take the bus. Not only is it cheaper - $2.50 including transfers - but it takes a LOT less driving time on my part. Yeah, it takes an hour and a half on the bus - it takes about half an hour to drive if you get the carpool lane - but frankly the sum total of time wasted is far less.

I made it to the office at 10:15 - that's two and a half hours' driving. Not fun.

Update: The fastest way to get to the airport from Brian's house:

Get the 564 or 565 bus from the Overlake Transit Center or the 520 onramp [about three blocks east of Brian's house] to the Renton Transit Center. From there, transfer to any available bus that's going to the airport.

Sample trip:

Depart Overlake Transit Center 7:56 AM [Route 565]
Arrive Renton Transit Center 8:30 AM
Depart Renton Transit Center 8:54 AM [Route 560]
Arrive Sea-Tac Airport 9:08 AM

Hoot Your Trap Off

I've spent a couple of nights this week watching the DVD of Nathan Barley. Not Chris Morris's best work by far, but not too shabby either. I suppose it's just late to the table: the people and situations it describes [London new media wankers circa 1998] are an awful lot like Silicon Valley new economy wankers [also known as dot commers] circa 1998. It's amazing how dated it all feels.

Still, more fun that most of what's on TV.

Web site is at

The best $79 I've spent in recent months

A couple of months ago, when I got my new PC, I made the mistake of setting my external hard disk - which contained everything I've been able to save from a succession of PCs over the years - next to the new subwoofer, which resulted in my not being able to access anything on the drive.

Yesterday, after chatting with some Microsoft techies, I tried out GetDataBack for NTFS, which apparently was able to recover nearly all of my data.

Here's a sample:

Wow, that's a while ago. That was just a few months after NeXT acquired Apple.

I'll be wallowing in nostalgia for a bit here... I thought this stuff was gone for good, but it's not. The only thing I can find wrong so far is this:

... and frankly, that's kind of interesting.